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As a title insurance professional, I work every day with realtors and the agents at Eagle 1 Real Estate are as good as they get. They always go above and beyond to help their clients and to make sure the deal makes it to closing as smoothly as possible. Their knowledge, insight, confidence and expertise far exceeds what you would expect from realtors in this bull market which makes them invaluable. There is never any high energy drama, but instead they exude a constant steady calm. It is with pleasure that I recommend Eagle 1 Real Estate as a top-notch real estate brokerage.

- Gianna Pinno

Our firm owns various land parcels in both Ellis and Dallas Counties. We list all of our sites for sale thru Eagle 1 Real Estate. We've had some listings with other realtors in the past but the service was less than satisfactory. The Eagle 1 guys not only know the market better than their competition they also dominate in listings. I've sold several parcels thru Eagle 1 after the buyer called on someone else's listing but moved to ours after the first site did not fit their requirements. Most of these big sales we see, especially in Ellis County, go thru Eagle 1 Real Estate. Ask for Tim or Alec. Both are great.

- Lee J. Schmitt

Alec is truly an exceptional realtor because he can simply do it all. He is a land developer, a builder, and an outstanding realtor. He deals in large land purchases, commercial deals, multi-family and single family homes. Above all, if you are an investor, Alec will find you a deal, and tell you honestly if there is enough meat on the bone to go for it. He will not steer you to bad deals!

- Dr. Michael Barakat



Trust Eagle 1 to be your premier real estate resource in the Dallas area! As a full-service broker, we have a whole team of talented, dedicated agents; offering both buyers and sellers an array of exceptional properties. From undeveloped land plots and commercial properties to residential homes and estates, our Dallas-based real estate firm has something to fit every need.

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